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Ecological Refuse Bin

The waste bin is intended to ecological organizations, schools , public and private offices , to be used for recycling waste paper daily .

It is completely biodegradable and recyclable since made ​​entirely of paper and assembled with adhesives based on natural starches .

It is the alternative to the classic basket and replaces the plastic bags : it is self-supporting ( once opened , the bag remains standing alone , without support ) and has the advantage , once filled and closed , they can be given directly to recycling without the need of additional steps.

From the point of view of health and hygiene , the waste bin ecological " uses and recycles " allows to maintain the location of use clean since, unlike the traditional basket , avoids the accumulation and possible contacts with the residues that are deposited on the bottom.

The waste bin ecology is available in various sizes , tailored to the needs of each user.

It can also be custom printed with water-based ink , to facilitate the identification of the various structures and user of the waste generator .

Depending on the destination of the collection of waste , the waste basket ecological can also be made of materials resistant to moisture , grease or other organic materials .

In addition, to facilitate public bodies and public companies to comply with the obligation to cover at least 30 % of its annual needs by purchasing goods and products made from recycled material ( Circ . Min . Environment 03 / 12 / 2004 pursuant to Decree 203/2003 ) , the paper used for our bags is produced entirely from recycled cellulose .


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