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Ekonobag production line included any kind of bag for any use. Shoppers cover every demand of retail trade, thanks to the resistance,the elegance and the flexibility of the range available.

Even for retailers, Ekonobag produces flat bottom sacks too, with or without bellow, for the carriage of little objects, always careful to customer's image and demand.

The S.O.S. sacks for litter, are products utilized to contain the absorbing sand for domestic animals. Thanks to the double layer, it is the best package for granular and, with the flat handles, offer a big carriage praticalness, for big size and weight sacks too.

In quality of graphic chart, always in compliance with customer's requirements, shopper are produced in several features and formats: the different sizes are produced moreover with sundry paper quality and the shoppers are differenced in flat handle, twisted handle and flap handle, diversified about the varied type of handle and different finishing touch.

Flat handle line fit to meet any business requirements, twisted handle line offers a type of handle more elaborated and tailored for bags more sophisticated, while the flap Handle line offers the finishing touch in part handmaded in order to obtain an elevated quality shopper.

Flat bottom sack cover requirements of anyone who needs to offer bags placing with small belongings or with sheets and documents. flat bottom sacks with bellow are tailored for belongings, while sacks without the bellow are convenient for documents or sheets like air tickets or cheque books.

The S.O.S. sacks (Self Opening Sachet) are realized in the same way of the shoppers, but they are different from these ones about bottom structure and about paper layers used so that they can guarantee an higher protection of the contents and resistance too.

The standard sizes of these sacks are differentiated according to the specific volume of the product and for way of use. Ekonobag offers the answer to any demand: litters, petfood, plaster stucco and mortar, charcoal and flour.

A different sacks for any product and for any kind of weight,always adaptable to particular volume demands.